Triplex Hydraulic Shark Jaw
Triplex Hydraulic Shark Jaw

Triplex Hydraulic Shark Jaw

Triplex Hydraulic Shark Jaw

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The jaws of the triplex hydraulic shark jaw are controlled by two oil cylinders, and the two jaws can be controlled independently. When working, the jaws turn up to hold the anchor chain or wire rope, and when retracted, they can be flush with the deck.

The use steps are as follows:

1. When towing is needed, raise the shark jaws and the towing pin, pass the wire rope connected to the towed boat through the towing pin, and hold it with the shark jaws;

2. Then connect the wire rope of the tug to the wire rope of the tug (the wire rope is fixed with shark pliers, and the connection between the tug and the tug can be carried out safely).

3. After the connection work is completed, tighten the wire rope with a towing machine, and then lower the shark jaws (after the shark jaws are lowered, the movement range of the anchor chain or wire rope is controlled by the towing pins), and then use the towing machine to control the wire rope to a suitable length for towing work.

Product Description:

1. Used for towing and anchoring;

2. shark jaw with towing pin or shark jaw without towing pin is available;

3. The operation mode is remote control panel operation;

4. Quick release system;

5. Suitable for tugboats and work boats;

6. The power mode is hydraulic

7. This product is a customized product, customers need to provide parameters or drawings;

8. Can provide CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, LR and other certificates.

Picture of Triplex Hydraulic Shark Jaw:

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