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Chongqing Hi-Sea Marine Equipment Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

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Dept. Name

Dept. Tele.

Main Business Items

Deck Dept.


Marine Windlass,Marine Winch, Marine Capstan, Marine Crane,Marine Davit

Power Dept.



* Bow Thruster,Azimuth Thruster,Marine Rudder Pa,Marine Propeller

Marine Shafting Parts,Marine Engine Parts

Mooring Dept.


* Marine Anchor,Anchor Chain,Mooring Rope,Marine Chain Stopper

Chain Chaser,Marine Mooring Reel,Marine Towing Bracket

Mooring Chock,Marine Fairlead,Marine Towing Hook,Marine Bollard

* Marine Rubber Fender,Marine Airbag,Pvc Buoy,Uhmw Pe Pad

Outfitting Dept.


Marine Door,Marine Window,Marine Ladder,Marine Cover,Marine Chairs

Machine Equipment Dept.


* Marine Air Conditioning,Marine Oil Water Separator,Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

Marine Hydrophore,Marine Calorifier,Ballast Water Management System

Marine Air Compressor,Cleaning Machine

Life-saving Equipment Dept.


* Life Buoy,Life Raft,Life Jacket,Lifesaving Light,Inflatable Boat

* Life Boat,Rescue Boat,Life-saving Immersion Suit,Marine Life-saving Accessories

Ventilation Dept.


Marine Ventilator,Marine Fire Damper

Electric Equipment Dept.


Marine Compass,Marine Lighting Fixture,Marine Electric Connectors

Marine Navigation Equipment,Marine Communication Equipment

Marine Wipers,Marine Power

Fire Fighting Dept.


* Air Breathing Apparatus,Emergency Escape Breathing Device

* Fire Extinguisher,Fire Monitor,Fire Coupling

Sher Fifire Extinguilling Machine,Fire Fighter Outfit,Safety Device

* Fire Extinguisher Accessories,Fire Extinguishing Agent

* Frp Fire Equipment,Hose,Marine Fire Alarm System

Valve Dept.


* JIS Marine Valve,GB Marine Valve,CB Marine Valve,

* CBM Marine Valve,Marine Strainer,Marine Air Vent Head

Pump Dept.


Marine Centrifugal Pump,Marine Vortex Pump,Marine Gear Pump

Marine Hand Pump,Marine Screw Pump,Marine Sewage Pump,Other Marine Pump

Oil and Gas Dept.

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